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Phutawan Raft House is located on Ratchaprapha Dam or Cheow Lan Lake in Surat Thani province. It is surrounded with a large number of towering limestone mountains in different shapes. The deep water of the lake and the green algae turn the colour of the water emerald green. So the refreshing lake is truly a pleasant place for relaxation.

The name “Phutawan” was inspired by Khun Ka – Chanjira Wanya, who established the raft house with Khun Pae – Narongrit Thongmusit in 2006. Initially, the raft house was called “Khlong Mui Raft House”. Later it was changed to “Phutawan Raft House”, because the area is surrounded by mountains on all four sides. And in the evening, the sun sets over the mountains in front of the raft house. So this is the origin of the name “Phutawan”.

In the first stage, the raft house had only 8 floating raft houses and a small canteen that could accommodate only a few dozen tourists, which was not enough for the increasing number of tourists. Later, as the raft house became well-known, more raft houses were built and total number rose to 32. A reception raft house was also built in response to the ever increasing number of tourists, especially those who love to relax amidst nature.

The outstanding feature of the floating raft houses of Phutawan Raft is that they have glass walls to provide the beautiful view of Cheow Lan Lake. Another good point is the food. Most dishes are based around freshwater fish caught from the lake. We can guarantee the freshness of material and the tastiness of our food which is cooked in the southern style to match the environment. Both local and foreign tourists who stay at Phutawan are fascinated with natural beauty and our friendly services.

Phutawan Raft House is located on Ratchaprapha Dam (Cheow Lan Lake) – 712/3 Mu 4, T. Khao Phang, A. Ban Ta Khun, which is 84 kilometers from Surat Thani town. To get there, take Highway No. 401, turn right at the 58 kilometer marker and drive for 12 kilometers. It takes only 30 minutes from the pier to Phutawan Raft House.

Phutawan Raft House provides many facilities and services to its guests, for example, boat tours, life jackets and kayaks. The pure natural surroundings and the emerald green waters will make you want to swim.


For reservations or further details, please contact:
Khun Pae – Narongrit Thongmusit / Khun Ka – Chanjira Wanya
Tel: 081-606 9007, 086-281 9655, 077-380 958
Fax: 077-380968