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For your perfect relaxation amid nature, Phutawan Raft House offers 30 raft houses in two types – capsule houses and glass - wooden houses. The glass wall of the house allows you to admire the beautiful scenery of Cheow Lan Lake to your heart’s content. This is the unique feature of our raft houses. There is a small terrace for relaxing, doing activities with friends or enjoying the beautiful views. You may want to take a swim in the refreshing water. You can freely enjoy many activities on your own raft house.

Our Popular Dishes
When you stay here, we recommend you to try our most popular dish, Fried Giant Gourami Fish with Garlic. The large giant gourami fish, caught from the lake, is deep fried and served with a spicy, tangy sauce. Other popular dishes are, for example, Hot and Sour Catfish Soup, Stir-fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts, Thai Spicy Mixed Vegetable Soup with Prawns, and many others.

Our Boat Trips  
We also offer boat tours for our guests, taking you to watch the natural beauty, especially the famous tourist spot “Guilin of Thailand” which is the nature’s miracle.  Then you will enjoy the jungle trekking, before exploring the Pakarang Cave by a bamboo raft. If you have more time, there are many other interesting places to visit in this area, for example, Nam Talu Cave, waterfall, vantage point. You can also enjoy an exciting night safari tour which is not far from the raft house. Your stay at Phu Tawan Raft House will be your memorable experience.

Things to Pack for Your Trip
- Toiletries
- Hiking shoes
- Flashlight
- Swimming Suit
- First aid kit

- Please inform us in advance if you need airport transportation service.
- The lake boat tour can be enjoyed all year round.
- Nam Talu Cave can be visited between November and April.

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